About us

Cornwall’s innovative Design & Build company based in Cawsand, The Rame Peninsula – South East Cornwall.

Our name, SPEQ, was born out of the company’s underlying core values that were in place long before a name came to fruition. These core values are:

Sustainability: We believe the foremost objective of businesses today should be sustainability. The building industry more than ever is falling behind in this regard but gradually things are changing and we strive to be leaders in this change, making well informed bold decisions and inspiring others to do the same. Buildings don’t have to cost the earth.

Precision: We are aware that one of the keys to meeting all of our other objectives is the need for precision in every aspect of our work. Precision means less wastage and less wastage means more sustainable and more economical. Precision also enables faster build times whilst not sacrificing quality.

Economical: We believe that being “eco” isn’t just about conserving energy, although that’s obviously part of it. In our opinion, economical is an attitude towards the project as a whole. Being economical with our use of materials does not jeopardise quality, it merely eliminates erroneous clutter. Being economical with our energy requirements does not only save the planet, it also raises the living standards of all those who live in an ‘eco’ home. Economical is the underlying ethos behind every aspect of the project.

Quality: There are two main reasons why quality features in our name. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, because if something is worth doing it’s worth doing properly. The second reason is perhaps less obvious. Without quality it is impossible to be truly economical and sustainable, completing a project properly is never as expensive as doing it twice. If housing stock is not built to last we will never catch up with the demands of an expanding population.