The Team

As much as job roles and titles aren’t important to us, it’s always nice to put a face to a name. You may have guessed we love properties but here’s a little more about the team at SPEQ HQ.

KerrieKerrie Nicholls – Director

From her experience in both Structural Engineering and Architecture, Kerrie brings an analytical approach to both the design and build of projects. Kerrie has experience in managing projects throughout their lifespan and because of her mathematical nature, is keen to ensure projects are as economical as can be whilst maintaining the highest standards in every aspect. Kerrie is particularly passionate about sustainability and ensuring the entire process of design and build is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. She believes that sustainable elements can be incorporated into any property and the common myth of them only being suitable for an expensive new build is far from reality. Sustainable methods often in fact save you money throughout the lifetime of the property, including during the build stage.

AndyAndrew Carr – Director

Andrew brings with him a wealth of knowledge and passion for building, both in reviving period properties and designing iconic properties which meet the demands of modern living in the most sustainable way possible. Running his own specialist period property renovation company means he has significant experience in managing projects from beginning to completion, finding innovative solutions to problems, using traditional building methodology and designing fantastic additions to older properties. From his experience, Andrew has a great ability for designing new properties whilst taking into account every aspect of the build and how best to utilise the site and materials, maintaining a true focus on sustainability from conception to construction.

Albert – Resident Pooch

Albert has a particular talent in finding the sunniest spots on site, helping us with our natural light planning during the concept stage, and in lifting spirits on those rainy days!